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These are some of the beadwork pieces that we have sold.

If you like one of these designs, we can create a custom piece for you with the same general "spirit" (colorway, style, character, etc.).

To custom order beadwork, please contact us.

Click on images for closeup views.

Blue & Yellow beaded earrings


Red & Yellow beaded earrings

"Tibetan" woven necklace

Woven necklace I

"Cliffs II"  Woven necklace 

Purple treasure necklace


Malachite & silver necklace

"Birds and Butterflies"  necklace

"Pinky" necklace

"Big Turq" woven necklace

Silver Watch I

Silver Watch II

"Muriel's" amulet bag"

"Black & primaries" amulet bag


woven pins

"Lily Pad" treasure bracelet

"Harlequin" treasure bracelet

"Cliffs" woven necklace


"Coils" necklace
Pink woven pin

"Naturals" treasure bracelet

Purple treasure bracelet

Horn & Bone bracelet

Hematite Treasure Bracelet


"Hand" necklace

"Lizard" amulet necklace

"Flapper" amulet necklace




"Forest Floor" woven necklace

"Deco"  necklace


"Picasso & Plaid"  necklace

Asian Elements"  necklace

"Garden of Eden"  necklace

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